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Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in our country with 3 million inhabitants. Undoubtedly, in this wonderful city there are many ways to generate money. One of them, is renting an available  room, apartment, or house that can be listed on AirBNB. So, if you are one of the many AirBNB hosts you know cleanliness is highly required. For this reason, our AirBNB Cleaning Service in Chicago is ideal.

Certainly, keep in mind that, AirBNB Services allow you to make profitable the unused spaces of your home. But, being a registered host have very demanding terms of cleanliness. So, if you want to be an AirBNB Host, we advise you to hire A&O Facility Services. Surelywe have great experience in the market. Besides that, we have experience in short term rental cleaning. Moreover, our Airbnb cleaning service is convenient as it is done at check-in and check-out times!

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Our Cleaning Experience

A&O Facility Services has over 10 years of experience cleaning and providing maintenance to AirBNB hosts. As a result, we can offer the best service. Surely, your space can get messy when renting it out. For this reason, our goal is to help  host’s with cleaning. So, if you are a host with Airbnb, VRBO, or independently, our professional cleaning services will keep areas clean at an affordable price!

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Short Term Rental Cleaning Costs

How much does the AirBNB cleaning service cost in Chicago?

Definetely, AirBNB cleaning cost will depend on several factors. First, the type of property. Whether it’s apartment or a house. Second, how big the place is, and the number of rooms and bathrooms. Finally, the frequency of cleaning that best fits your guest turnover schedule. Thus, by knowing this will help our staff give you an adequate and customized estimate. Undoubtedly, we welcome you to contact our office for a the best quote.

Our Apartment Airbnb Cleaning Services Include

No doubt , you will get the most affordable and professional cleaning services.

Essential Cleaning

  • Bedroom: bed linens and best first impression style.
  • Bathrooms: mirrors, shower, shower doors, sinks, toilets, and, bathroom supplies organization.
  • Kitchen: Cabinets, clean appliances, sinks, perishables remove, dishwasher, and dirty dishes.
  • Living Room and common spaces: dust and clean surfaces, empty trash, vacuum, brush and mop floors.


  • Linens and towels handling.
  • Kitchen Restock.
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Laundry pick up and drop off
  • Cleaning supplies restock.

Additional Services

  • Replacement damaged and missing items.
  • Balcony cleaning.
  • Carpet shampooing.
  • Vapor cleaning.
  • Carpet deodorizing.
  • Rooms freshener.
  • Lamps and fan ceilings.
  • Deep cleaning.

Why hire our vacation rental cleaning services?

Certainly, our professional cleaning personnel has extensive experience in the market. Most important, they have attention to detail your guests needs. So, we want to become your source for all your cleaning needs. Thus, we offer same day, reliable and professional cleaning services. Besides, we can also offer you a cleaning plan fully customized to your requirements, budget and schedule. Furthermore, we are up to date with the latest in management and cleaning technology. Additionally, we offer a high level of excellence in customer service.

We are the your Best Choice

Definitely, we are characterized by an excellent organization work plan which allows us to perform a great and faster service. Moreover, we adapt your schedule. Also, we offer flexible budgets. For this reason, we have plans that fit the needs of all our customers. Last but no least, our work culture focuses on relationships of total honesty and ethics.

Definitely, It is not just a Cleaning Service

At A&O Facility Services we are more than a cleaning service. Also, we are a local company that operates as your personal cleaner. Furthermore, our friendly team always seeks to satisfy your requirements. In this sense, we want to offer you the best! Moreover, we are committed with our community. So that, we offer extra information to keep in business, even, during hard times

All our personnel are qualified. Also, they have been verified.

Moreover, we have software for easy registration. In this sense, we can have continuous evaluations of services.

On the other hand, we have excellent time management. As a result, we guarantee a personalized service.

Our results speak for us

Without a doubt, we are #1 Chicago AIRBNB Cleaning Services

  • We offer 24-hour online account access.
  • Quick response by phone and email. Furthermore, we offer total customization.
  • Priority attention for emergency cleaning. So that, you can solve any cleaning problem.
  • Different payment methods. As a result, you can use the most convenient payment method.
  • Quality monitoring.

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We receive your request for cleaning service. Therefore, we will confirm by email and secure your date and time of service.

3. Receive a 5-Star Cleaning Service

Your cleaning staff will call or text 30-45 min before arriving at your appointment. Our team is completely vetted and have been background-checked with a 5-Star Rating.

4. Manage everything online

You can manage your recurring cleaning online by scheduling ahead of time.

Absolutely, you can Leave the cleanliness of your place in hands of our professionals.

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Undoubtedly,At A&O Facility Services we use the best brands because we care about our staff and the environment.

  1. Save time

By hiring a professional cleaning service, you may have more time for yourself or to grow your listing.

  1. Get professional results

As you would expect, our cleaning staff are vetted cleaning professionals.

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